Welcome To Our New Website!!!

Who We Are: Save A Tail is an animal rescue based on Long Island. We save homeless pets from euthanasia and living on the streets. We rescue from all over and we don’t descirminate against breed, color or age.  Save A Tail mostly deals with dogs and cats but occasionally there are other small animals we work with. We work hard placing animals in loving and permanent adoptive homes. We pay for everything the animals need from our own pockets. It gets very expensive between pull fees, transport fees, vet bills, medications, spay/neuters, food, cat litter, toys, beds, collars, leashes, flea and tick preventative, crates and carriers etc. but we love what we do. We save lives one tail at a time and the animals always appreciate it.

Our Mission: We want to save as many lives as possible and grow the Save A Tail family as large as possible. We also educate people on the importance of excersize, socialization and obedience. If everyone understood how important those 3 simple things were there would be less dogs in kill shelters and pounds. Our motto is saving lives one tail at a time but our goal is to save millions of lives. Currently we are averaging over 65 lives saved a year and are one adoption away from hitting 200 lives saved in our 3.5 short years of existance. Considering most of the work has been done by just one person thus far, we know we can hit our goal if we can enlist perminant foster homes willing to help this small family grow.

So Please Sit, Stay and Enjoy our newly renovated website including our “Adoptable Pets” page and our new comers to the site… “Upcoming Events” & “News”!